What music (other than brass) inspires you?


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I can often be found listening to Slipknot/Ramstein just before going on stage at a contest to get me going. On a rainy day I have recently discovered The Mad Caddies as my cheer up album. Anything else Punk/Ska is good and all the old 60's 70's classics for a good sing along.


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Muse, played very loud usually does the trick for me... or the wannadies on days when everything's just that little bit too hectic...


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Pearl Jam
Jimi Hendrix
Richard Strauss
R Vaughn Williams
William Walton
Wynton Marsalis

Well Worth It

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There are few artists more inspirational than Will Young.
I find his work so deep and his emotive performances move me like no other.

Can't keep this up as the tears are rolling. :cry: :lol: :cry: What a MUPPET.

The guy who wrote the music for Adiemus (Bill.....something....I think), has composed some of the most beautiful work I have ever heard. Magnificent.


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Well Worth It said:
The guy who wrote the music for Adiemus (Bill.....something....I think), has composed some of the most beautiful work I have ever heard. Magnificent.

Karl Jenkins is the man behind Adiemus , a native of Swanea ( check out karljenkins.com )


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No probs....aye he is a great musician...a Jazz Oboe player back in the day!!!!
Also Bill Connor , he has worked with the Halle , Brighouse , Dyke very good composer and arranger . He lives near Beaumaris now ( a small place called Llandonna ) he wrote a concerto for brass Band and two piano's which Beaumaris are due to play...top bloke too.


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AndyCat said:
Mahler 2 - CBSO / Rattle

That is the most amazing piece of music ever composed in any genre IMHO - if it fails to stir you, then you're dead ;)

I'm also a big Wynton Marsalis fan, Megadeth, Slayer, numerous rock/metal acts and just about anything that hasn't been spat out by computer. Can't beat Mahler though.


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there seems to be a lot of love for the old school stuff going on around here... it worries me that hair metal may survive long into this century :?

Dave Payn

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Paige said:
Brass all the way!! but scene as though your sayin other than brass er...erm.... :? :shock:

Wouldn't worry, you're by no means the only one. I do wonder why I bothered putting 'other than brass' in the title of the thread! ;-)


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WoodenFlugel said:
akwarose said:
would it not just have been easier to list what didnt inspire you?

just jokin. good list. most of that applies to me too, well, the later stuff

:lol: :lol: :lol:
If you look at the time of the post you might be able to work out that I was.....ahem...."tired" when I wrote it :wink: :oops:
I always ramble when I'm "tired" :lol:
Good to see someone shares (mostly) my taste in music :)

well, you know what they say... great minds and all that :p ;)


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