What music (other than brass) inspires you?

Dave Payn

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After confessing to WhatSharp this morning that I was reluctant to contribute to this forum today after a couple of recent private issues had left me disheartened with banding, my spirits were lifted (and were poured into my glass. Ta muchly!), much to my surprise, by listening to highlights of the Tchaikovsky Ballet Suites as performed by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under Rostropovich which I bought yesterday. A wonderful recording and I can't stop listening to the Swan Lake Waltz. Fantastic orchestral sound.

What lifts you on a 'dark' day?

Sorry if this sounds poncey but just curious (i.e. nosey!) ;-)



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Naruco said:
20th and 21st century classical music :D

Isn't that a contradiction :?: :)

I usually turn to really good vocal music if the brass stuff isn't helping. Especially a capella groups like the Hi-Los, Singers Unlimited, etc.


Sibelius, especially his 2nd Symphony. His 5th as well, particularly as performed by the NYPO under Bernstein (Sony Classical).

More recently, Great Big Sea (Canadian band from Newfoundland - rock/folk/celtic music).



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Berlioz's Hungarian March... or as a side comment (it is brass im afraid), Homocidalbennyboy's compositions. Some super stuff there buddy, keep it up!! :lol:


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A long list, I know, but everything on it inspires me and gives me a lift.

Mahler Symphonies 2 & 3
Bruckner 8
Shostakovich 5
Anything by Richard Strauss (especially The Alpine Symphony)
Sibelius Symphonies 2 & 5
Berlioz Requiem
Havergal Brian Gothic Symphony
Britten Four Sea Interludes
Orff Carmina Burana
Stravinsky Rite of Spring
Bernstein West Side Story

Anything involving Freddie Mercury

Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Film music by Hans Zimmer

Phil Collins

Jean-Michel Jarre

Elton John

Simon and Garfunkle

2nd man down

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Blimey, My musical taste must be more diverse than i thought. I can't think of any one piece that will lift me more than perhaps a dozen or so others will, and that's a mix of metal, rock, brass and classical orchestral.

It just depends what mood i'm in at the time, just at the moment the music i keep listening to (and i'm sorry but it is brass) is a Grimethorpe Colliery recording of Macarthur Park. If that doesn't make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up nothing will!!

Best sing-along tune at the mo is The Hollies - He ain't heavy he's my brother.


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anything by reel big fish, oasis, REM and of course, The Rocky Horror Show soundtrack. nothing beats a good bop round ya bedroom to the sounds of the timewarp...:D


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Oh crikey....well anything Gershwin - especially Rhapsody in Blue, American in Paris, Porgy and Bess, and most of his songs, and most of the soppy songs of the 40's 50's 60's ie Hoagy Carmicheal, Bert Bacharach. Also things by the Beatles (especially Hey Jude and Yesterday) Starman by David Bowie, lots of stuff by Queen, anything by The Jam, Madness, The Pretenders, The Clash, The Police, Squeeze, some Oasis, some Blur, Some Pulp, most REM, Badly Drawn Boy (when He's good) Norah Jones and Amy Winehouse.

Is that comprehensive enough? :D


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would it not just have been easier to list what didnt inspire you?

just jokin. good list. most of that applies to me too, well, the later stuff


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akwarose said:
would it not just have been easier to list what didnt inspire you?

just jokin. good list. most of that applies to me too, well, the later stuff

:lol: :lol: :lol:
If you look at the time of the post you might be able to work out that I was.....ahem...."tired" when I wrote it :wink: :oops:
I always ramble when I'm "tired" :lol:
Good to see someone shares (mostly) my taste in music :)

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