What is your name name?

Dave Payn

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Hang on. Can't remember my Christian name.... let's try the name that most people call me by....... that's right, I remember now.... Shutup Payn. You're right, it works! :wink:

Okiedokie of Oz

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Well Dave if that's what the program came up with for you, I am surprised I didn't get "Stupid Teacher".

Grade 6 girls have so much attitude!

Edit: looks like the internet is taking over my life, bit like the Matrix, come to think of it.... i have recently found myself quite able in performing the Limbo......... :?


Love all the santa hats appearing everywhere! Wonder how many we can get...

Nice beard Aidan, that's a sure sign of old age, perhaps a cue that someone's 21st ain't so far around the corner :wink:
Then your name name'll be Aidan 'da Grandaddy' Smith! :D