What is your favourite funny film of all time...

Dave Payn

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Naruco said:
dont have one... havent seen the ones that havent been made yet ;-) :lol:

When I'm on my way out, I'll let you know ;-)

Can we start a tMP 'Pedant of the Week'?

:) :lol:


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lynchie said:
Monty Python’s Holy Grail, or Final Destination, both crack me up!

Final Destination and Final Destination 2 do it for me!! :D LOl, when he gets squashed by the glass.... LMAO!! :D


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Sellers_Bird said:
Toy Story 2 for me.... infact, all the ones similar to that! monsters inc, shrek, 8) the lot 8) :lol:


and the life of brian, but that's a different sort of funny, and cool runnings yes, and starship troopers is class too! is there a starship troopers 2?


Young Frankenstein

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid. - Must see it at least twice before judging it - It's brilliant.

Well this isn't a "film"........more of a stage act......but for me SO funny.

It's that one where they are dressed in red hunting gear - waving their arms about, stepping forward and backwards etc, and the old fall guy keeps falling over.........

The Fox Has Left His Lair?????

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