What is a typical Bandsman?

How accurate are the polls?

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I've had a very quiet day at work and had loads of time to surf tMP :)

After a thorough search of all the polls I've come up with the profile of a typical tMP'er.
(Polls with no clear majority are not included)

Here we go then, a typical tMP'er .....

Does not smoke,
Thinks section leaders are a good idea,
Would not buy a CD of Orchestral Philip Sparke music,
Likes to play at contests,
Expects expenses for depping,
Does not play Bass Trombone,
Thinks non players should be allowed to book chalets for Pontins,
Started off on Cornet,
Practices 3 to 4 nights a week away from the bandroom (honest),
Likes cheesy music,
Hadn't heard of Bestwood Band before joining tMP,
Is under 30,
Thinks "Prague" could grow on them,
Thinks we should keep closed adjudications,
Likes Dronfield Bands website,
Likes to play in quartets,
Hasn't had a break from banding of more than a few weeks,
Would take part in a tMP event,
Would buy a selection of tMP gear,
Drinks Pints (either lager or bitter),
Likes Marmite,
Is not Ginger,
Shaves their armpits (females),
Would support a tMP fundraiser (the only poll with 100%),
Thinks a monthly quiz / competition is a good idea,
Thinks Pontins is the best contest for socialising,
Thinks girls are better banders,
Buys brass CD's with a range of music on
and has been on a band tour in Western Europe.

How sad am I?


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these aply mostly to me exept

Liking cheesy music, hadn't heard of bestwood and think that banders are better banders (we are equal)

P.S. verry sad :p you got alot of time on your hands then?


Only two that dont apply to me, I smoke and I loathe marmite, other than that it seems a very accurate description :lol:

Ps I definately shave my armpits :wink:


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16/28, but then the whole exercise is flawed, as I'm sure some of our scientific and statistical members will tell us, due to the small samples involved and the way in which some of the polls direct you towards a certain response. I always remember one of the episodes in Yes, Prime Minister where they demonstrate that, by asking the appropriate preliminary questions, you can produce entirely contradictory results from the same sample of the population.


Thanks Mike for taking the time out of your executive status pressured job, we'll have to have words with you next time your beck up here. :lol:

If as you say these are tken from all the polls then, it certainly does make you think about the type of person you are, and of the personalities and traits of those around you. However I'm sure that you could say that we all fit into some of those catergories if we were honest. Interesting :!: :!:


bladder said:
titch said:
I smoke and I loathe marmite,

What brand of cigs are they? Or do you roll your own 'exotic' cigs.

I'm sure some people think I do my own weird ones because I am a bit mental, but I smoke Marlboro lights, because they're diet you see!



i have to dis- A-GREEE with the typical tMP/bandsman.

I HATE marmite.

- thats about it.

and i would say i am a bandsman- but i am female......not to split-notes or anything..... :wink:

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