What instrument is the most popular

What do you play?

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I always said tenor horns rule, so far 75 % of the votes are tenor horn players!

Alright, so only 4 people have voted, but we still rule! :D



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No percussion?

And where does my prestegious position of "principal sponge player" fit in?


No Bass Trombone

Where is Bass Trombone in your list. We dont want to be associated with those Treble Clef reading Charlatans

:twisted: :twisted:

Ever Ready Band
LU-Brasser said:
Keppler said:
No percussion?

No, only instruments, no things to make noise... :D :D :wink:

i should stand up 4 the percussion section, i mean without them things like coral and rock out, it just wouldnt make sense, and the snowman would not sound the same without the symbol bit.
And of course good old bohemian rapsody would be dead without the percussion.:shock:

Plus i gotta stand up for them cos otherwise my boyfriend will moan as he is a percussionist!!! cos he has more brains then a drummer :wink:
well i wud of done a seperate one for bass trombone, but because some play both i didn't? But i was generous and thought u might get a higher amount of people if i put you as trombone.
percussion since when do they use a mouthpiece? The kitchen people there always making a noise or down in the garden shed


Well, I polled as playing flugel ('cos that what I play with University of Warwick, who I'm signed for), but I also play cornet with City of Coventry Brass.

Dave Sait


I polled as euphonium since I consider this THE BEST instrument in the band but in the past have played:

horn (first instrument and the one I always went back to!), cornet, trombone, Eb bass and am now very hapilly playing Euph so I don't think I'll get a shot at Sop.


Oh and I also had a bash on timps in the final piece we played at an entartainments contest.

So "Jack" of all trades etc. etc.


I only ever wanted to play trombone - so this is what I started playing and this is what I still play! Of course this is the best instrument - there are things that Trombones can do that no other instrument can!

Trombones rule!

Listen here people!!!! :roll: you are obviously misguided with your views on the best instrument!!!! The Baritone is a SPECIALIST instrument, only to be played by specialist people who have been specially trained in the art of Baritoning. Remember people, respect your Baritone players, you know it makes sense!!

Jim Baritone


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I can't do this poll since there's no option for conductors or composers. When I played regularly I alternated between soprano, cornet and flugel.

I think you need another category for the multitalented...



'ere, 'ere, Jimbaritone.
I also play Baritone....the instrument that covers all other parts in the Band!
You'd be lost without us!

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