What I want for Christmas!


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I'm sorry, this is a sign of innate Geekdom but this is what I want for Christmas this year. I'm sure that Santa reads this forum... :roll:


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Well you can give it to me for my birthday if you like, Dyl, but it's around the same time of year :wink:

Weren't you listening to Radio 2 this morning? :roll:


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Blimey Charlie.......they cost $70.......hey I know you shouldnt put a price on a gift...but $70.00 :shock:
can I make you one out of balsa wood ( who remembers making models and stuff out of balsa wood with a small knife.....or am I that old :lol: )and matches kirsty? cant promise it will work or look good , but it's the thought that counts... :wink:

Dave Payn

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Christmas??? It ain't even my birthday yet! (well it will be next week sometime......)

Can't say those watches would be top of my wish list though. A brand spanking new trumpet perhaps??? SORRY! SORRY! CORNET!!!! I forgot, this is a brass band forum!!! ;-) ;-) :lol:


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it's pants, it's only a 12 hour display...

anyway, for christmas I'd like World Peace... or some Sambuca, really whichever's easiest for you...


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