What happens now then?


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At least we have the weather for it.
nice and relaxing, and boy do i need it after last nights footy!


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hmmm, iced tea any1!

my mum brought back some of the new green stuff from France!

mmm, let me read this book, "dead famous"
it dipicts a story of a big brother house in which there is a murder!!

kell x

p.s anyone read it
To answer housemates' question re. 'What to do now' - all housemates, apart from Sellers_Bird have the rest of the today off i.e. no tasks - however, for failing the quiz task, Sellers_Bird should have plenty to keep her occupied: http://www.themouthpiece.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=8206

Housemates might like to spend their 'time off' to think about which two housemate they are going to nominate in tomorrow's first round of nominations - remember also that reasons must also be given. Please be aware that housemates must not discuss nominations in public (recently added rule 16 of the tMP BB Rukes).

Look out for the official 'Send in your nominations' announcment any time on Tuesday.

You will all be notified of the next task later on in the week.

Thank you,


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