What happened on your Birthday?

Big Twigge

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the list missed off William Grundy(of fictional Archers fame), born the same day as me ....uninteresting fact I know, but its late and I'm tired

Naomi McFadyen

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wow, that's really interesting...
Loads of composers born on the same day... also loads who died...
the 'on this day' stuff was a good read!

My amusment was the thought of the day:

Thought for the day :
" Losing weight: the triumph of mind over platter. "


Jo Elson

Well on my birthday there were a lot of births, of which i only recognised 2: Dustin Hoffman and Princess Beatrice who was just showing off 8/8/88 at 8 o'clock-i think that was a set up some how.
A load of history happened and my thought for the day was
'someone whom you reject today, will reject you tomorrow'
Which doesn't make sense as i will have already rejected them and wont care if they reject me.


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Oo you share a birthday with my Gran who was born on 08/08/08 which I think is even cooler than Princess Beatrice!

Anyway, the list missed Benjamin Britten for me - although there are lots of births on my date, one of which is W F Bach. The most famous death though is JFK which funnily enough I knew already...



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4th March, got quite a few on mine!? :?
Only person I recognised was:
1678 Antonio Vivaldi Venice, Baroque violin virtuoso/composer (4 Seasons)

And the only particularly interesting things that happened were:
1985 War veterans returned to the "Bridge over the River Kwai"
1995 Blind teenage boy receives a 'Bionic Eye' at a Washington Hospital :shock: :?

Thought for the day :
" Better three hours too soon than a minute too late. " :roll: :D


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I share my birthday with:

Johann Strauss
Albert Einstein :lol: mmm, that explains a lot! :lol:
Michael Caine
Jasper Carrott
Billy Crystal

Died on this day:

Karl Marx.

Thought for the day:

He who falls in love with himself will have no rivals.

Dave Payn

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Without looking at the website, I can tell you that my 18th birthday coincided with Charles and Di's wedding! Went out in the evening with my then girlfriend, in the glorious (!) London suburb of Catford expecting to hit the pubs. Bear in mind this WAS 1981! It seemed to have been made a Bank Holiday to end all Bank Holidays - every damn pub in the area was shut! Took my girlfriend home back to Camberwell, then found a pub that was open where one of my friends was serving behind the bar! Truly a bizarre day!
October 3rd
All people with funny spelt names are born on my brithday, you got me with Aimee spelling of amy and...
1923 Stanislaw Skrowaczewski Lwow Poland, conductor (Die Zauberfl”te)
1605 Li Tzu-ch'eng Chinese revolutionary, dethroned last Ming emperor

and some funny events on my birthday...
1955 "Mickey Mouse Club" premieres
1970 Baseball umpires call their 1st strike
1990 East Germany & West Germany merge to become Germany

Thought for the day :
" It is Fortune, not wisdom that rules man`s life. "

and also the infamous David Geoghegan also shares a birthday with me (claim to brass band fame...)


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12th November. Not too many famous people born on that day and a mix of good and bad:

Grace Kelly, Neil Young born.

Charles Manson(!) born, Nazis gain power, and worst of all Paul McCartney releases "We All Stand Together" :evil:


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Mother Theressa was born on my Birthday - but the most important person I share my birthday with is my daughter, Natalie. The best birthday present I ever received.


22nd April

Prokofiev was born
Lenin was born

Tchaicovsky completed Swan Lake

President Nixon Died

....and the first military use of poison gas!

Thought for the day: "Of all the ills that men endure, hope is the only cheap and universal cure"
Thats lovely, but what about the women!?!


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4th November

1650 William III of Orange, king of England (1689-1702)
1862 Eden Phillpotts England, novelist/poet/playwright (Red Madymaynes)
1873 GE Moore English philosopher (Ethics)

All b***** English things so I was the only infamous Scottish thing to happen on this date. :wink: [/b]


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Ooo, how exciting...

Born on February 26th
Bufallo Bill... killed 40000 buffalos!
Mr Kellogg (he of cereal fame)
Fanny Craddock!
Fats Domino and Johnny Cash (which explains my unique talent)

Gabor Szabo (More music...)
Lots of people I've never heard of... (not a good day to die it seems!)

On this day
Bank of England issues 1st £1 note! (Explains money obsession...)
Communist Manifesto published
Trail Against Hitler in Munich begins
Germany began Luftwaffe operation, under Reichsmarshall H Goering
Hitler introduces Ferdinand Porsche's "Volkswagen"
Werner Heisenberger informs Nazis about uranium project "Wunderwaffen"
German assault moves to Beja North Tunisia
(What did hitler have about my birthday eh???)
1st flight of Space Shuttle (atop a Boeing 747)
London finance house of Barings collapse after losses in Singapore by trader Nick Leeson

Thought for the day :
" Let he who takes the plunge remember to return it by Tuesday. "

Bad things happened on my birthday... :cry:


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13th September:
1857 Milton S Hershey , chocolate manufacturer/philanthropist - Fantastic!
1874 Arnold Schonberg Vienna Austria, composer (Second Quartet) - Weird
1939 Richard Kiel, Jaws in James Bond - Cool
And 2 baby Beatles. Naff
1965 Zak Starkey drummer, son of Beatle Ringo
1971 Stella Nina McCartney daughter of Paul & Linda McCartney

1321 Dante Alighieri author of the Divine Comedy

On this day:
122 Building begins on Hadrian's Wall - Now that was a good thing...
And I happen to know Scooby Doo was actually broadcast for the first time on September 13th 1969, just like me.

Today is Dante Alighieri Day, Commemoration of St Cyprian, Memorial of St John Chrysostom and Jewish New Year's Eve, Erev Rosh Hashanah
Jessop-Smythe take note, Thought for Today is:
"Never say you know a man until you have divided an inheritance with him."


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Heather said:
This is really interesting........especially as its MY birthday TODAY!!!!
Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Happy birthday Heather...hope you have a good one. :wink:

Roger Thorne

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Happy Birthday Heather. (Hope your feeling better now)

It's Salli's birthday tomorrow and I've planned a big surprise for her.

I've arranged for all the members of Wem Band to gather at the bandroom at 12.45 p.m. The players have arranged for drinks, and cakes and I've invited a surprise conductor to pay a visit.

I'm treating her to a 4 hour rehearsal!



3rd December

Tammy Jacques - Cyclist was born
Nobody died - (this of course means I'm immortal!)
Stanley Johnson was reported missing in action in Vietnam
Beatles begin their final UK concert in Glasgow

"An honest politician : One who stay bought"

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