What do you do???


Apologies if this has been posted already!!

What's does everyone do??? Just wondering, with the areas fast approaching, how many of us struggle to make all the rehearsals because of our jobs??

I am a librarian for Cardiff University and am missing a rehearsal just now because I am in work (really busy though, ahem!)


I'm a primary school teacher, although my job does,ny interfere at all with rehearsals, getting days off to 'recover' from contests is murder, especially if you were planning to show off silverware.

Jo Elson

I'm at college 4 and a half days a week and i am a supervisor at Tesco. It doesn't interfere with rehearsals but sometimes the occasional concert at the weekend it will, but i try and work round it by swapping shifts.

Dave Euph

Being at uni (music at Huddersfield) and having a hectic day schedule I really need evenings free to do work, not always possible with band ... so I content myself with finding afternoons free here and there to do it ...

Going out and drinking less would help I suppose :p


I work as an Admin officer within the Civil Service, I don't miss rehersals but do have to turn up late every Monday because I have to work til 8 :( :cry: :cry:


I'm a Midwife.....I don't play in a band but support Wem on a regular basis...unfortunately I'm working on the day of the areas but good luck anyway


i am a student doing Music, Sociology, Media Studies and English Language at college. and i wait on in a golf club restaurant evenings and weekends, and if i'm rota'ed on for thursday nights an it's impossible to swap then i miss band!


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i am at school (in year 10, so still under government rules for school goingness) and only if i have a parents evening or im going away with the school on a trip does it interfere with band, normally its fine!


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I'm Network Manager/AV technician/Brass Teacher at a School/6th form college, so have to miss if there are any school shows/productions/concerts etc.
Also work for Lancashire and Wigan Youth Bands, so have to take them into consideration!



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I'm a dentist currently in general practice but about to start a new job working for Hull & East Riding Community NHS Trust treating patients who don't have access to an NHS dentist.

Rach x

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