What do you do when your bored?


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Seeing as i'm bored most of the time just wondered what people do.

As bad as it sounds i'm either on the computer or wathcing telly


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I play with a Brass Band you know!

I also spend a lot of time on a number of internet communities, reading, TV, shopping etc.

Big Twigge

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Am a master of boredom!
Its amazing how after a while you can feel that a day has been productive by (yesterday is an example).....posting 2 letters.
I spend too much time on here and just talking rubbish to people avoiding doing work. I've also worked out how to practise whilst computer activities are going on too.....multitasking

six pints

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i send random messages to people to see if they can work out who i am...

(just realised not that difficult with my avatar)


At the moment, I couldn't be bored if I wanted to be. Work is going mental and extra rehearsals fill my days because it's too far to go home and then come back to reheasals so I leave at 7:30 in the morning and get home at about 11.

If I had boredom though, it'd be TV, tMP, ooohhh and Beer :guiness and that's about it.......

Oh and lots of practice on bass of course :!:


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i dont have time to be bored, i have too much homework to do :(
but when i do have the time too much of it actually) i am on here, sleepin, watchin telly or if its nice i mite go out wi me m8s. oh, and listenin to music.


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I don't really get bored, even when there's nothing in particular for me to do. I keep myself amused by playing flugel/cornet or games on the PC.


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oh dear... virtual bubble wrap... no wonder people are getting obese! Anyway, when bored I usually think about all the interesting stuff I could practice on my trombone, and how I should really be doing some washing, and that joining the gym would be a good idea... of course by the time I've thought through all these things there's no time to do them, but it's the thought that counts... right?

Big Twigge

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As I'm bored at present I thought I'd post about how to pass a few minutes (something for everyone to try!)
1. Measure from the floor to you hip
2. Measure you're height
3. Work out the percentage of you (based on height) that is leg and that is body....fun times for all!!
I have no idea why i did this...it just happened :shock:

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