What do you do about someone who can't fit in?


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It must be nice to play in a band where you can say just sack him and find another player. Most bands these days are stuggling for players so a more diplomatic solution should be sought.


Take out a large amount of life insurance on them in your favour, then get Louigi and the boys - you know, the string players - to fit them out in a "concrete overcoat" :twisted:

(Only JOKING - honese Mr Policeman - I'm NOT inciting murder :) )


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I agree with gary. avenues of diplomacy should be explored first, and if that fails the the good old fashioned blindfold and firing squad method can be employed :roll: .
Although concrete is a good idea too.
Keiths right hand man i believe you just have to be patient with some players. Theyll move on eventually, maybe theyll get a better offer? and then theyl be out of the way without having to resort to methods of killing first.


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Due to the closeness of our band it wouldnt matter if David Daws/Steve Mead/Sheona White etc walked through the door. If they didnt fit in with the social side of our banding then there would be no place for them. (I am sure they all would though, this is not a derogatory comment about any of the above players!!!!!) I certainly wouldnt just sack the player you mentioned though, if a compromise can be reached then it has to be worth it!
We recently had to sack a player 3 days before the area contest! There were various reasons for it but, after we sacked him we found out he has been - shall we say - ejected from 3 other bands within in the area!!!

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ploughboy said:
a more diplomatic solution should be sought.

Perhaps Star Trek can provide an answer :
"The best diplomacy I know is a fully charged phaser bank" - Mr Scot
"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one" - Mr Spock

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I think i would try and talk to them because when i first started i didnt fit in but when we got talking it became fine and why dont you tell them if that dosnt work just very quietly in a corner. You all now what it was like when you first started you were sat there all quiet thinking ill never fit in. Talk to them Thats the best.

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