What Cornet to buy

Briggsy IOM

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I thinking of buying a new cornet anyone any comments on the best one to buy ?

I'm currently using a Courtois, but have had Sovereigns in the past


I think that Yamaha's r the way to go-silver one.. Didn't think too much bout the Courtois' when had them at Marple n at Sellers am on Besson Sovereign's n I don't think that they compare with Yamaha's.. :)


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theres also the prestige which iv heard mixed reports about..
and the new courtois (prestige lookalike) will be out soon, but iv not herad excellent reports bout that either ;)


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SellersSue said:
I think that Yamaha's r the way to go-silver one.. Didn't think too much bout the Courtois' when had them at Marple n at Sellers am on Besson Sovereign's n I don't think that they compare with Yamaha's.. :)
got to agree with ya there, wouldnt give mine up for the world :lol:

best thing to do is try them all, take a piece of reasonable music and try them. then you will know which is best for you.


Spooky's right...if you can find somewhere to try them all.
Can't fault the Prestige for blowing, but given the choice, I would go for the Silver Plate...lasts better and the quality of the laquer isn't the best.


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Don't part with your dosh till you've tried the Smith Watkins. Good is not the word. Cheap is not the word either.



What Cornet ?

Smith watkins every time for me.


Had mine for 3 years or so now & can't fault it.

The Maestro is a good 2nd choice But they are a bit light & doesn't take long to blow them out.
I've never played a Prestige so can't really comment but.... If they are that good then why do they need a trigger on the main tuning slide ?? :shock:


I personally recommend the latest Conn, it has a 12.5 inch bell, and in stead of valves has a slide and is about an octive lower in pitch - definately the way forward! :wink:

Just do some practice Briggsey!!! A bad workman blames his tools... or tool in your case :)

You MCB boys coming over to Blackpool to hear an OMCB lad split some notes in the very fine indeed shield (or Grand shield, as they say?)...

You know you want to...
You know it makes sense....


Our band recently had a new set of cornets and we tried out the Maestro, Prestige and the Strad (they also used my nearly new Sov). Even though the Sov was mine I put it in fourth slot, the Maestro in third, Prestige second and the strad first. I really like the throw ring on the Strad, I had a really old one a few years ago and it was great.......I can you hear you all now...what about the laquer, in my eyes the sound made up for it!! Anyway the democratic and economically wise cornet section chose the Maestro. I have now played a silver one for a few months on a 16E (which I have used for ages) and have been really suprised by its quality and versatility. I am a definate advocate of the maestro...the only gripe I have is that the second valve collects a heck of a lot of water.

I would say now have a Maestro.......anyone want to buy a Sovereign....little used and in great condition?!


You can do a lot worse than looking at a pre lottery sovereign - valves are much better than the current ones, build quality is also much better - they seem to be more in tune with themselves as well. depends if you want new - i got one, had it plated in silver gold and black (prestige look a like) and it was still a lot cheaper than buying a new one.

Yammys are a bit brash for my liking but each to there own... Not tried the prestige yet - heard mixed reports.


I agree with Straightmute, I've had a Smith Watkins since August last year and (after playing Sov's for years) think it is a cut above anything else currently on the market. 4bars rest did a review and it scored higher than the Prestige. The good thing is that Richard Smith will come to see you and you can try the 27 combinations of leadpipe and bore and get the one thats best for you. He has started to do flugels as well (my wife plays one) and they are also excellent.
Smith Watkins

I tried out various configurations of SmithWatkins trumpets prior to buying a new trumpet about 18 months ago (Didn't buy a smith watkins, couldn't justify the cost for the amount of usage !!), however, I was very impressed with them.
Unfortunatly, that day I didn't have a cornet mouthpiece with me so couldn't test the Cornets or Sopranos that was also on display.
I could be completely wrong here, I seem to remember Richard Smith telling me that he was the chief designer of the old Soverigen 928 when he worked for Besson. His current cornet models are evolutions or next generation versions of it (I think...)

Also, Dr Smith is based about 5mins away from me here, so I could, if I wanted make another appointment to test any instrument!! 4 Valve soprano cornet.. hmmmm


Our Sop player tried one but didn't think that the fourth valve gave him any benefits. He has an SW three valve and thinks it is great (he used to play a Schilke)

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