What BRAND of mouthpiece do you play?

What brand of mouthpiece do you use?

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I use a Wick 3, which seems a good match for a large-bore Sovereign, I changed from a 5 a few years ago and it made a big difference, mich bigger sound. However it wasn't so good at one of my previous bands that used Cortois cornets, they don't fit in too well and apparently have tuning issues on 1st valve notes.
On the rare (very rare!) occasions I play sop I use a Yamaha trumpet mouthpiece, not too small or shallow, but can't remember the number.
Depends on when and where Im playing I used to use a RW3B and then moved to the RW3. When I started playing Trumpet and Sop as well as Bb cornet I changed to a Schelki 15B because its in the middle for all of them. :lol:

I still use the RW3B for building stamina and tone tho!! :)


I use a warburton 3b with a 9* backbore if that means anything to anybody. It's an excellent trumpet mouthpiece, very comfortable and good throughout the whole register!
When I use it for cornet the only problem i find is if you overcook it in anyway you just get a funny look from the conductor because it can produce a very bright sound - and this can make it difficult to blend in with the standard wick mouthpieces!
It's excellent for players who go between cornet/trumpet/flugel especially if you have a weaker embouchure that can't cope with changing mouthpieces all the time. The only drawback is that they are a bit pricy.


I've used a Wick 5B on my bone ever since I was 13 years old. Been thinking about a change but I've always felt comfortable on it and hasn't really done me any harm so far :?

However time may be up for it as it's looking way past it's best, might be time to try some newer technology


Lisa said:
I play a Denis Wick 4B- But apparently I shouldn't be using this mouthpiece!! My music teacher said that I should be using a mouthpiece with a thicker rim!
Same! I use a Denis Wick 4B but my teacher has said he thinks it's an awful mouthpiece - like a bucket! He thinks I should use a shallower mouthpiece and produce a brighter sound. Not sure that I want a brighter sound though! :?

Bet you he's a trumpet player! :D
E-flat Bass ---> Perantucci 24+
a cracking mouthpiece! a little smaller than the Bach 24AW but just as deep, great sound
I would love to be able to afford a Pt88+ for B-flat playing


A Wick 4b for me at the moment--used to use a bach7c then a bach 1.To be honest I dont know what to use although I seem to be playing well the now


Lewington McCann for me as recommended by our conductor. Previously I used DW3 and also 2b but they not for me now. I find they hurt my mouth wheras the lewington is softer. However I've not been able to play since wednesday as I have got an ear infection and I'm not happy about it! :cry: and not just because of the ear infection! We've got Buxton coming up and a concert in the same week and had 2 new pieces given to us on weds for the concert, which I desperately need to practice!


Mouthpiece choice

I play a Denis Wick 2 but being on the end can sometimes be hard work, especially if there is plenty of notes up the high end so I always carry a DW 2b just in case!

Mike Jones
PC Wire Brass


I started on an old kooseycup (excuse the spelling), then onto a lewington mccann when light fingers made off with my old mouthpiece, have also tried a DW3, but found the rim to narrow and kept cutting into my lip so it's the mccann for me


when i played Bb i played on:

Wick 4B
Wick 3
Yamaha 14E
Yamaha 16E
and a posthorn mouthpiece :?

And on sop ive had:

Yamaha 7D4d
Wick 4b :shock:
and now on a Wick S

phew :lol:

I find the wicks have a sharp rim though.... so i had my wick S turned down :wink: now its just as comfortable as the Mccann


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mmm what ever you feel comfortable with stick with it...
I use Perantucci 36 on Eb and Bb tuba...
and a Remington for Euph


I play on a Vincent Bach 1G,It's a monsters specially on bottom register but you need to have muscles in your lips the size of Arnie's thighs to get the top register.But it's worth it!! :D


Personally I've never got on with Vincent Bach mouthpieces! Remember when I started playing trombone I was told to get a Conn 88H and a VB5G. Conn was great but the VB5G completely clipped the top of my range, and no amount of work would bring it back. After many months I picked up a Denis Wick 6AL and my range came back almost overnight!


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Denis wick 5, for me, always has been.
Get a good range and tone, so seen as have been using one for the last 17 year I might just carry on!! :lol:

Jo Elson

Denis Wick 4Fl for me. I've never used any other make so i wouldn't know if there's any difference, I've just used different types of Denis Wick mouthpieces, but i am happy.


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