What are your secret Hobbit and Elvish names?


ooh! i remember this one :D

I am (elvish) Morwen Celebrindal
and (hobbit) Cora Bumbleroot of Fair Downs

I like my names :D


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Hollso said:
I am (elvish) Morwen Celebrindal

I have a feeling they could research them a bit better though.... describing someone as "dark-sparkling-silver-brilliance woman" doesn't really make much sense...
At least they did manage to match the genders though...

I'll get my anorak...

Edit: - Actually, what's sad (der) is that I didn't have to look those up... :shock:


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weyhey, I'm back (after breaking my computer, how embarrassing :-$)

elf: Findecáno Calaelen (what does this mean then kepp?)

hobbit: Olo Deepdelver (does that mean I'm related to miss trom?)


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elf: Mélawen Ancalimë

hobbit: Camellia Knotwise of Michel Delving

i personally prefer the elf name, more poetic.... or it would be if i could pronounce it...............


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