What are you listening to at the moment.........


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Parsifal (Wagner)

Gotta perform it in a couple of months - don't know how people sit through 5 hours of it. At least I'm getting paid for it. The minute they start writing test pieces that require a dinner break, I'm outta bands for good.


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Queen, played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra!

Very interesting, although it can never be as good as the original!


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I'm listening to hubby blasting the neighbourhood out with Star Wars Ep 3 on DVD!!!!

I think I may have to put Les Mis on and warble over the top of it (except in the Yoda bits cos he's cute...) - thanks Charmed, you've kick-started the musicals addiction again!!!!

Rach x


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No problem Rach, My hubbie bought the Les Mis DVD last year, and it's almost worn out! Great musical though.

Currently listening to Chart Hits 2005 on Chart Show TV but will be tuning in to Magic again at 7am. Today is Greatest Power Ballads.
Yesterday was Greatest Musical Songs, a bit disappointing, didn't have the vast musical songs on that are out there, what, no Les Mis! And although I love GREASE, how could Summer Nights be the No 1 Greatest Musical song????

They have been running Greatest ....... all week. With a good book and a bottle of wine, I have really been enjoying my Christmas break.


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Changed channels, can't stand all the RAP songs on Chart TV! Now listening to a bit of Andre Boccel..... (whatever) on Classic FM. Much more relaxing! :icon_rolleyes:


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Wagner Preludes (including the Rienzi overture :icon_wink: ) and Bruckner 3, played on period instruments by the London Classical players under Roger Norrington. Double disc from Virgin veritas and a real bargain in the Virgin sale at the moment. Most enlightening listening to it on the sort of instruments Wagner would have expected to hear.


Vaughan Williams Symphony No. 4
Rachmaninov 1st and 2nd Piano Concertos
Barber Violin and Cello Concertos

Eclectic I know, but wow!


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St Magnus (im playing it on the suround system at work). Have not had any complaints yet, but there are not many people around up where I am.

Will the Sec

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Georgian Sacred Music. Quite similar to Gregorian Chant, with some amazing open fifths by the basses and basso profundos. Awesome, and quite moving!


I'm having a horrible New Years eve, sore throat, sore nose and i'm in trouble with the missus, so i'm taking out my anger musically with..

Apocolypse (Derek Bourgeois)


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Listening to Rhapsody in Blue on my new mp3 thingy. Got to say I'm impressed with the bass sound through the headphones they supply with it.


Tournament for Brass

Currently enjoying BAYV playing Tournament for Brass.....a wonderful test piece, hated by some cornet, horn and euphonium players I suspect. It's on their Brass Band Classics 3 album....the rest aren't bad either (Lorenzo, Judges, Carnival and Life Divine).


Have just bought the album by The Choirboys....assisted by none other than Aled Jones.
I heard their version of Tears in Heaven the other day at cried and cried. A must for thoae who enjoy traditional choral music such as the Allegri Miserere or Faures In Paradisium


Chris Sanders

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I was listening to "Linchpin" by Fear Factory and "Im Not OK" by My Chemical Romance because ive been in my dark place all morning.

But im now listening to the cheesiest of Meatloaf classics, "I Will Do Anything For Love (But I Wont Eat Raw Eggs)"

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