What a day !!


Just thought I'd share my dream wkend with the users of this forum....

My dad (who plays for ransomes) and me (play for sellers) missed the senior cup and grand shield respectively, to go to my sister's wedding !!

Not only was it a fabulous day for us because of the wedding, but both our bands won the competition..... Althought, I did managed to get some celebrating in back in huds after a £60 taxi back last night :? :? :? :shock:

But on an even better note, found out this morning that my sis is pregnant!! Oh the joys :D :D :D


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but the taxi back was worth it jus for the v hot curries we were subject to at t'curry oil.... blue is the colour... :lol:


Have Sellers found their weak link? Is Deave holding back the band? Is Deave's roll as third man supremo at Sellers in jeopardy? :wink:

Well done Sellers (but not Deave)!

Liz Courts

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Well that makes my weekend sound really boring... :?

But CONGRATULATIONS for everything that happened during your weekend! :D :D :D


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Deave is a top bloke, but knows nowt about football! Anyway many congrats to you and your Dad and especially that lovely sister of yours who is without doubt one of the scariest people on the planet :wink: :wink:

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