"We've had no beer, we've had no beer today," Lyrics please

I need the words for "We've had no beer, we've had no beer today," as sung by troops during WW1 for a concert on 10th Nov. I really need them yesterday as we hope to perform "We've had no Beer," morphing into "Abide with me" (Eventide) on 10th Nov. Plan A is with a choir singing A Capella (On their tod) to start and us Chedworth Silver Band joining in with a flowery link / intro to bring the audience in to sing "Abide with Me. "
Problem is the choir have lost the words despite singing it in 2014 for the start of WW1 commemoration.
Any help gratefully received, words links anything.
Thanks in anticipation.
Many Thanks Andrew. That must be where I saw it originally as I remember borrowing that book from Swindon Library, I have now reserved it. I thought it was in one of mine and have been going through my chronologically filed "Pile" hard copy storage looking for the wrong book.
Any other suggestions of the words to "We've had no beer" gratefully received (ASAP!)

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