West Side Story?


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I have a recording by desford from the colson hall festival bristol in 1991
Also on the Bach to Bernstein CD made by desford a few years ago

Dave Payn

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Philip Jones Brass Ensemble (not the best version in my view, but OK), available on their compilation The Lighter Side

Summit Brass - Summit Brass Delights (haven't heard it, but might be worth a try? Midland CD Club would be a good place to get it from)

Best recording I've heard is, I believe sadly now deleted. It was on the Collins Classics label from the LSO Brass entitled (I think) American Brass or something like that. I believe it was Maurice Murphy playing the big trumpet solo in the Mambo and boy it makes the hairs on the back my neck stand up!

And Eric Crees also transcribed Bernstein's Prelude Fugue and Riffs, also on that CD, with the inclusion of Andrew Marriner on clarinet and a top sax section. Stupendous. If you can find the CD, it's worth getting!


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My favourite recording is on the Desford Live in Canada album, which has all the excitement of a top class live performance.


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For a brass ensemble version I would endorse Dave's recommendation of the LSO brass version.

The band version was also recorded by Dyke on an Egon live cd from the British Open in 1996.
We played it at uni in our March (i fink) concert at uni along with chivalry, and your "another world"., odnt cha remember neil???
maz will have a recording of it, and it was pretty darn good!!

Naomi McFadyen

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Indeed yes we played it at the March concert in uni... and cracking it was too! Maz is bound to have that recording somewhere...
I have one that was given out to us to listen to before we performed it as well...
I'm back in Salford next week Neil so I can try get a recording to you.. will PM or email you soon.


Neil Bowden

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I've got the CD of that concert from March and you're both right, West Side Story sounded amazing! Unfortunately there was a technical problem and West Side Story didn't make it onto the CD - someone forgot to press the record button or something! :roll:

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