West of Eng. 3rd Section Results! :D

Naomi McFadyen

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from 4BR...

1. St. Dennis, B. Minear, 17, 187
2. Hayle Town, D. Johnston, 10, 184
3. Shrewton Silver, M. Dunford, 6 , 183
4. St. Stythians, D. Johnston, 1, 182
5. Bristol East, B. Hurdley, 15, 181
6. Portishead Town, R. Griffiths, 19, 180
7. Gillingham Imperial Silver, E. Haines, 8, 179
8. South Molton Town, D. Tilling, 7, 178
9. St. Pinnock, P. Minear, 18, 177
10. Cosham Concert Brass, J. Hill, 14, 176
11. Wooton under Edge and District Silver, R. Carr, 4, 175
12. St. Breward Silver, A. Harvey, 2, 173
13. Tewkesbury Town, N. Morgan, 12, 172
14. Camborne B, A. Pope, 16, 171
15. Bream Silver, H. Cole, 11, 170
16. Wincanton Silver, B. Kelloway, 9, 169
17. Saltash Town , N. Ellis, 5, 167
18. Pendennis Brass (Falmouth), G. Thomas, 13, 166
19. New Forest Brass, I. Luxford, 3, 165

well done St. Dennis!!! Good on ya! :D

Liz Courts

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Well done to all the bands I listened to (about half of you)! You all played really well, and I've been singing your test piece in my head all day!! :D

CONGRATULATIONS to the qualifiers and good luck for the finals!!


Congratulations to all at St Dennis. Didn't hear you but everybody said you were brill! Just go and show them what Cornish Bands can do up at those Finals!!!


Well Done

Well done 3rd section bands, a lot higher standard than I had expected, especially the top 2.
I really enjoyed the piece and the people.


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