Wessex 2004


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Nope not too bad.

Played about 6 of them!!

Looking forward to doing windows of the world, Downland suite and Hungarian Rhapsody, the rest is a bit crap!

As for the Joint items - oh my god............ same old.
Wish we were playing slaughter on 10th avenue in the brass band!! i like that one! :wink:

Ed Walford


Pieces look good this year. Massed band pieces are normally similar, although we do normally vary pieces, its more to do with the whole sound that gets me, the pieces work so well. Can be hard to get music for such a big band and i do think the pieces are very effective so keeping them is fine for me!


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That is true you matthew.

I see we've got 3 solo horns this year. I hope you get section leader, so you'll be able to keep us horn rabble in order!!


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