Were you a born a performer - nativity play?

Which part did you play?

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Well it's the festive season and I'm sure many of you parents have proudly watched their children perform in their school nativity plays. I had a thought - were you a born star? Did you perform at an early age in your school nativity play - get voting.

BTW - I've estimated that there will have been a staggering amount of Mary & Josephs who post on tmp!
I was Mary. I wasn't supposed to be. Names were drawn out and when the rather smelly, rude boy of the class was chosen to play Joseph, the chosen Mary had second thoughts so I eagerly stepped in. Since then I've had to perform next to many more smelly, rude boys :wink:


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I was always one of the 3 kings, complete with my mums best tea towel and my trusty snake belt to hold it on my head


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I was a 'Lady King' and sort of a star, we all had to sit at the side holding up stars! but to make us feels special we called ourselves 'the' stars, we were 5/6 at the time though! :)


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I was a shepherd! :( Incidentally, went to my 3 year old son;s first Christmas concert today and he was ................ Bob The Builder! :roll:


I was a shepherd complete with striped outfit made from old sheets! Thats just reminded me I must look out those old sheets?!?!?



Don't think I was ever in the school nativity play :(
Do however remember being relly upset when I was told at 5 that they wanted blonde haired blue eyed girls and dark haired, dark eyed boys to do a dance to the nutcracker :( Being female with dark hair and dark eyes is a bit of a drawback in that situation.

Mad-female :D


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I had a fantastic acting career. In my first christmas play I was a tree! Next year I got a moving part, I was a dog :shock: In other years I was a shepherd, a wise man, king herod, and joseph. I tended to get leading roles as my teachers realised it was much safer than any role where I might spend any time in the chorus. At the time I had a fantastic voice, it just happened to be in a slightly different key to everyone elses :oops:

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I was a shephard as well! :D :D

And did i look after those cuddly sheep as if they were my own!? Acting career was very short but good none the less! :D



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I always got lead parts in plays mainly because I was the only one mug enough to do them and sing the songs as solos!!!! Probably why I like karaoke so much today!!!! Not sure other people want to hear me singing but hey, I enjoy it, stuff the rest of them!!!!

I was always a shepherd.

Having short dark hair, I was never 'angel' material back in the non PC sixties.

Also, my recorder playing abilities used to be put to use in leading the merry band of shepherds on stage!



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I don't recall ever taking part in a nativity play as a child. Since being at Hadleigh, however, I have been a shepherd (once), a wise man (3 times) and Scrooge, in a retelling of Christmas Carol where he was visited by angel, shepherds and wise men instead of the traditonal ghosts.


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I took the vital part of third shepherd in junior school, but my starring role was in the infants when I was given the demanding task of narrator, reading a short description of each scene from cards handed to me by the teacher.

Unfortunately Miss Fletcher (named and shamed) dropped them on her way to the hall, shuffling the order, so when the audience saw shepherds they heard me tell them about about kings, and when they saw the baby in the stable they heard about shepherds in field etc.

I was quite upset at the time, but now - with hindsight - feel quite proud of my use of Brechtian alienation technique and remarkably early demonstration of my grasp modernist/constructivist narrative theory.



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I was Joseph in the Nativity play at school. I was also Scrooge in the Christmas play the next year. Didn't want to get typecast you see.
I played Joseph in my infants nativity... as a pupil not as a teacher!

During the the dress rehearsal I was feeling poorly and felt like I was going to be sick. Very worried, I looked for the most suitable place to regurgitate and found the crib... baby Jesus and all!

Is this blasphemous we think? Should I have been stoned? with small rocks of course, not through the consumption of illegal substances.

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