Well, um, hi


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errrrrm yes hi all. My name's Helen, I play the euphonium, have done since I was ten. As my sig shows I'm in St Helens Youth and Greenalls Brass Bands, which gets exciting when both bands go to the same contest. Or want rehearsals on the same day. I live in St Helens, not far from where SHYBB (used to) rehearse. Um.

I sing too. I'd like to go into singing professionally, but I'm only 18 and it will be a few years before my voice matures. Also, at the moment I'm retraining my voice, in a kind of equivalent to an embouchure change. So at the moment I don't know whether opera is a possible route, or if I'm destined to go straight into teaching or something. I'm also debating music therapy. In fact I'm at one of those waffly stages where I'm just thinking, well there's all these jobs out there and they all involve music...
(actually at the petrol station where I work we have a snarky radio station on all day :rolleyes: )
So yeah...

I just finished A levels at a rather froody college place. I also have grade 8 on both my instruments, some random key skills qualifications and I'm a certified not-very-good first aider. Huzzah.

I can't think of anything interesting to say... oh deary deary me.


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UH... well, um...Hi. :p :p ...but seriously, good luck in your endeavors. I'm new to tMP myself and am just now learning about brass banding. I am so envious of you guys. I want to play in a brass band soooo bad. If it weren't for the fact that I'd loose my veterans dissability and social security dissability I would renounce my citizenship and move to the UK just to see the Yorkshire dales and play in a brass band. You have it sooooo lucky!