Well-Meaning But Disastrous Repairs


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I've just commented on another thread about players' well meaning but disastrous repairs, and I thought it might be fun(?) to open a new thread of instrument repair disasters.

My starter for 10: Many years ago we borrowed a set of nearly new basses from another band. One of our bass players decided give "his" a good old clean, but couldn't shift one of the valve tops so he got a pair of mole grips on to them. He got the valve out, but distorted the whole valve casing in the process.

Ouch! :shock:

BTW after a quick visit to the repair shop and a couple of hundred quid the other band are still none the wiser! :wink:
More to come when I remember them......


Not so much a repair but a destruction of a baritone...

My mum was putting away ma bro's old baritone and thought the mouthpiece was kept down the bell in the case... Realising this was ludicrous she turned the instrument upside down hoping for it to fall out.

When it didn't she preceded to attempt to shake the mouthpiece out but it was wedged in and came lose starting to dent the inside of the instrument until it came clattering out of the bell.

Needless to say that was an expensive mistake!!!

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