Well it's a bit late...

Matt Lawson

After 40-odd posts but I guess I'll introduce myself.

I'm Matt Lawson, 18 years old, play the cornet for Emley Brass Band.

Born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire on May 22nd 1987, I lived the first 7 years of my life in the coastal town of Bridlington.

I first encountered banding in 2000, 6 years after moving to the town of Malton, halfway between York and Scarborough.

It is here that I joined the learner band of the Swinton and District Excelsior Band. After just a few months in the learner band I moved up onto 3rd cornet in the main band in time for the National Finals at Preston in 2001, where the band finished just below half way in the Fourth Section.

Promotion for the band ensured that I would have four years of Third Section contesting on 3rd, 2nd and then front row cornet.

When I left the band in September 2005, I had been on Second Man Down for approximately 6 months.

Relocation to Huddersfield University meant I would have to find a new band.

Emley were the first I encountered and were the ones I chose, so here I am.

First contest with Emley, 4 prizes. I think I'll enjoy my time with them and am looking forward to 3 years of solid playing and experience to improve my playing.

Thanks for reading. :clap: