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I think it's time for a big thank you, i know the results are a hour or two off, but we've been royally entertained by all the folk in the Boc Bro house. So a big well done and thank you to SUPER, HBB and 2MD. Thank you to all the "bit part" (no offence) players, and Thanks to the kind people at Boc Bro (tMP) for bringing us yet another great contest.

Cheers :D


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Here here. :bounce

We have been well and truly entertained for weeks. Loads of fun and lots of side splitting laughter.

Well done to all of the contestants, but especially the finalists, Craigy-Poo, Benny Bunny and Crawford (the man not wearing ladies underwear - or is he :?: :wink: ).

Finally, a really big thank you and well done to Mr Evil himself ..... :twisted: Boc Bro :twisted: ...... for setting the tasks and forfeits and keeping this little lot under control. :wink:

There are those who know, those who don't and those who THINK they know. So at Game End, would the REAL Boc Bro care to step forward and take a well deserved bow! :D

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