Well Done All Radio 2 Semi-Finalists !


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Best of luck to all those taking part in the Radio 2 Young Brass Musician competition this weekend ;)


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Hey! :) Thanks Peter :) I'm just getting ready to go out now! We have the area first! :biggrin: Which should go well if we play like we have been doing! And then it's straight off to Radio 2 :biggrin: Excitedness! :biggrin:

Anyway mums shouting at me now! :rolleyes:

Gotta go! I'm sure you'll all know whats happened by the end of the evening :p News travels fast on tmp :cool:

Vicki xx


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Woooooooo GO VICKI GO :D:D:D:D I've already said Good Luck about a million times but one more won't hurt! GOOD LUCK GOATY! :tongue: :D:D:D:D:D


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Wooo go goaty!! Grr there was me thinking I would be able to listen to this live on the radio, but have just read that there are only going to be edited highlights on listen to the band on the 24th and 31st March! Oh well!


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Well?? /*Taps foot impatiently*/

Don't keep us in suspenders, sorry, suspense. How did you get on? :tongue:


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Just spoke to Vic and unfortunately she didnt get through :( She said she played great though (like it was ever in doubt!!!) but competition was pretty stiff.

I believe the qualifiers in no particular order were.........

Kate Eggleshaw (horn)
Ben Thompson (Bass)
Daniel Powell (horn)
Steven Haynes (trom)

I would wait for an oficial word though as my memory doesnt last 5 mins :( Well done to everyone who played and good luck to the finalists!


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Those four did get through, you remembered correctly! Unlucky for Vicki that there were 3 horns, but I hear that a certain Roger Webster was very complimentary about her playing!


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Sounds like Vicki had some stiff competition. Well done for getting so far Vicki - that's a fantastic acheivement and I couldn't do it! :clap:

Third time lucky perhaps? ;) Here's hoping!
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Awwww, bad luck Vicki. Sounds like you played a blinder though :)
Congrats and good luck to the qualifiers - nice to see tMP will still be represented in the finals!


Having been on "stage" helping out B&R I can safely say that she played extremely well. The advantage she has over the rest of the field is that she has another three or four years at it. She was by far the youngest but behaved like a true soloist (she was the only one to take time to applaude the Band after her performance, nice touch!).

Loved the way she swaggered into the rehearsal as if nothing mattered!

Take heart Vicky, one fat third cornet player helping B&R thought you were belting, as did many of the band. Just keep it going....


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A massive well done to all of the semi-finalists, but particularly Dan, Kate, Ben and Steven who go through to the finals. :clap::clap:

It was a great evening with a very high standard of playing. Guys and gals, I wish all the best of luck for the finals. :)