Weird euph

I think a device similar to a zimmer frame might solve the problem! jus add a few more wheels and make it a touch taller and you should be ok!


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That's what I played in Marhcing Band in High School one year (USA). I also think my wife played one for the "Rite of Spring" (Bass Trumpet, No?).
You hold it like a trumpet/cornet.



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neiltwist said:
sorry, it was for dave euph, it is used to point out an innuendo!

Ahh always wondered about that, personally I prefer Fnaar Fnaar! ala Viz, oops no thats a Double Entendre...... good grief its going to be one of those days!


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I remember seeing a link for a marching trombone before... it was basically a big flugel... I can't really see the point since you can march with a trombone anyway, and it has a forward facing bell!


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A marching trombone for people who dont have trombones at the front. Probablly so the slide doesnt wack people on the back of the knee (which i have done once).


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ScrapingtheBottom said:
Surely the band would just look like a load of stupid sized cornets?
They also usually cut the thickness of the metal right down to reduce the weight, particularly with the shoulder-mounted basses, so it is very difficult to produce any depth of sound.


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What'd be really cute is a cornet sized euph... with the bell facing upwards! can you get those? i suspect not!

TuTuKu xx


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I believe Sax's original set went up to a Bb pitch, if not an Eb (ie soprano), and that all the bells were upward pointing, but I may be wrong.


Euph-Bari said:

How would you hold that monster?
never seen anything like it

If you think that's wierd, check out the marching tubas (and contra-bass bugles in G) on Kanstul's website, They're carried on the shoulder, bell facing forward. Generally used by drum corps, although I'm sure there are a few marching bands around who use them as well. See DCI's website for a look at similar instruments in action -

In my high school marching band (the last time I was involved with anything related to playing while moving around a football field) we used standard euphs, but french horn players marched with forward-facing mellophones. Those of us on tuba played sousaphones...


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