Weetabix.... Hot or Cold?

Weetabix - Hot or cold?

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This may sound like a stupid topic... and probably it is. But last week on tour one of the younger members looked shocked (almost offende) when I suggested that I eat Weetabix with cold milk. Don’t know why we managed to get onto the subject. Anyho, a debate ensued the source of which was should Weetabix be consumed with hot or cold milk… I’ve always had it cold, but a few of the band said they’d always had it warm… perhaps this is like Marmite……. Love it/hate it – you decide!!


Naruco said:
I had this conversation this week with a couple people up north...

must be doing the rounds... some common link, a freind of a freind. its weird how these topics of conversations get around.

Euph-Bari said:
Weetabix with warm milk? never heard of that before!

neither had most of us on the coach. which was partly why i brought up this question, just to see if i was the weird one!! :hammer


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I used to have it warm when I was younger (bung it in the microwave). From being a teenager though I have always had it cold, with about half an inch of sugar on top and it it quick before it goes too soggy! Must be crunchy! Can never have too much sugar either! :shock: When I started uni I was confused by peeps from down south who had never had chips and gravy :shock: :eek: They've never lived!


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How do u eat it cold??????? does it not say on the box heat???? ive neva heard any1 have it cold before!

Roger Thorne

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To right Dave, grab a couple of Weetabix, a thin layer of lard and smother with Marmite.

Absolutely Delicious !! :?

. . . or you could just eat them with cold milk and loads of sugar.



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why is there not an option for "Can't stand the stuff!" bleurgh!

P.s. who thinks about these things?
You people are sick with your cold milk.
Has to be hot , mix it with some sugar and wow its a fab meal - I also do this to cornflakes !!

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