Weekly rehearsals, how long

How often do you rehearse, how much time is wasted re disruption from the cht merchants, cant find music..............
The band I currently play with, meet 2hrs per week, when i first joined approx 20 mins of that is lost by way of music searches, and late arrivals, frustrating in the extreme. This is improving rapidly by way of new structures twice weekly rehearsals etc and hopefully changing the culture. What about your own band, similar problems? how do you deal with the usual culprits!

And should wildebeest be allowed in the practise room?.......smiles


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the band i play with rehearses twice a week (unless there is a contest not long away.) and they rehearse for 2 hours in each rehearsal.

James McFadyen

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We have our rehersals on Monday and Thursday from 7:45pm to 9:45pm. Actual time playing.........mmmmm.......not sure, I'm too busy droping my mutes to notice the time, either that or Louise Boyle (our 2nd cornet player) sniggering at my mistakes, or I have our sop player, George Russell complaining about his new Schilke mouthpiece is making his lip sore!

'Basher Bill' always amuses us with his drumming antics, especially at the end of The Best of Bond! :lol:

And well, of course, I guess, the band playing my music has distracted their attension - I took 'Transits of Mercury' to the band on Monday, ooooo bad Idea!! :?


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Wednesday's at 7.30- 9.30, more rehearsals nearer contests.
Actual time playing is probably very near to 2 hours, including announcements etc. Think it's because we know not to mess with our wonderful conductor, coz she'll hit us on the head with the baton if we do! :lol: :wink:

Okiedokie of Oz

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I have the Junior band 6:00-7:20, with a 5 min break. then I have 10 mins to do whatever before the semior band starts. It used to go to 9:30, but lately we've be told to finish at 9.


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Our official practice time is on a Thursday evening, 8.15 to 10pm. On occasions it is 8.20 or 8.25 before we get started, and there are often latecomers arriving up to about 9pm - one of the draw-backs of being in commuter-land.

We have a break for 5 - 10 minutes which includes our devotional period and any announcements.


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Flixton rehearse for 2 hours including a 5 min break in the middle

Stockport rehearse for 2 and a half hrs with about a 20 miuite break for each band staggered though.

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Cottingham rehearse twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays between 7.30 and 9.30. No break :(

Gets the good ol' lip strengthened!


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We do 7:45-9:45 Tuesday and Friday, with a 10 minute break around 9ish (depending on where we're up to). Week before a contest (such as this one!) we don't do a break. Personally I could manage without a break but we have a fair few younger members who's attention spans may well be shorter than mine (and on a Friday that's not long........)!


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Kippax do Tues and Thurs 8pm to 9.45pm - no break (Obviously a lot more leading up to a Contest) - we average 22/23 players per rehearsal and only one or two are occasionally a couple of minutes late for start .
Re: actual playing time - Mr MD used to do a lot of "Rabbiting" and staring at the score in silence - but he's changed his style and we do a lot more actual playing now which can only be good.


our rehearsals are: Thurs nights 8-10 and Sun mornings 10.30-12.30

The sun morning rehearsal time is :twisted:


We rehearse Thursday nights 7:30 - 9:30, no break, except sometimes a brief announcement break if there's large percussion resetting or emergency library work that stops the rehearsal. Talking at stops it the most frustrating and biggest drain on prductive time, the talking is usually related to the music, but a distraction none the less as our conductor tries to work. It's gotten better recently, still room to improve. We add a second weekly rehearsal in preparation for contest.


Twice a week - Tuesday and Thursdays 8pm-10pm . We have no break and in the weeks leading up to contests plenty of extra rehersals!


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We rehearse Wednesday 8-10 and Sunday 6.45-8.45, with a break in the middle lovingly described by Mr. Mute as "just 2 minutes please" - which usually lasts about 15 so I have a chance to get some coffee!!!

Time spent playing - depends really. There are always a few who are late and then there's the usual wait for people to find music or shut up... But we do spend most of the rehearsal playing.

Rach x


We practice twice a week as normal.
Monday - 8-10pm
Thursday - 8-10pm
Usually every night but one the week before a contest. Unless we've got two contests in two weeks (hmm... that hasnt just happened :lol: ) then it's every night but two for two weeks.
It's quite good though, especially if you're leading up to an entertainment contest! You can't miss a practice then though or it'll take a week to catch up what you've missed! This week it will do anyway! :? :lol:


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We practice 8-10pm twice a week with a short break. Don't often start bang on time but apart from that its pretty much all playing. In the run up to a contest we have loads of extra nights too.

I used to be in a band who usually started late because the md wasn't very punctual, had a 10-15 mins break with cups of tea, and were always chatting. Musically it drove me nuts, but they were the friendliest and most sociable band ever.


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We rehearse Sunday night - Youth band 5-6, Senior 6-8:30. We have a 7 1/2 minute break in th middle of senior band, and sometimes a lot of talking (announcements etc) and sometimes not much.


7 1/2 mins break?! That's very precise!

2 1/2 hours rehearsal with a break for 15 mins ish in the middle. Plus announcements.

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