Weekend task!

Here’s a little task to keep you occupied for a couple of days.

BB has been approached by Roger Thorne who has been invited to take charge of the Brass Quintet Summer School that takes place on Monday at tMP Towers. However, this is a Brass Summer School with a difference – in that the 5 participants are all string instrumentalists keen to learn the finer art of brass playing!

To introduce them to the world of Brass Bands, Mr. Thorne thought it would be a great idea to give them all a suitcase containing 26 items each beginning with the different letters of the alphabet - a to z!

So housemates, BB would like you each to fill a suitcase with 26 different items each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. Each item must have a link to brass banding – and this link must be clearly described when naming each item.

Each housemate must not choose more than 3 pieces of music or more than 2 instrument names/types or the names of more than 2 people.

Housemates aren’t allowed to choose an item that has been used by another housemate – there must be no duplication.

So, by 10pm on Sunday night, BB expects each housemate to leave their ‘suitcases’ in this thread – otherwise the task will be failed! Housemates will also fail the task should any of the above rules be ignored.

Thanks, and good luck!


PS. Please try and pass this task – we have a room full of rewards waiting to be used! ;)


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In order to make sure that there's no duplication, if everyone sends their lists to me by sunday morning (at around 10am max) i'll make sure there's no duplication.

E-mail me your lists (as a word file, or in the e-mail itself) to ben@tubbpublishing.com



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A - A to Z of Musical Terms - these are string players, they probably don't know what a bars rest is (or FFFFF! :D)
B - Banners - to show who they are
C - Cummerbund - to look right smart
D - Dividers - to make finding music a doddle
E - Engagement List - so the band knows where to go and when
F - Flugal Horn - lovely instrument (particularly when FlugelGal plays it :twisted:)
G - “Great Brass Classics” CD – to let the quintet hear what a brass band sounds like.
H - Handkerchief to wipe the beads of sweat off the principle cornet player after his ridiculously hard cornet solo.
I - Ink Pad – to provide the ink to stamp “tMP Quintet” on all the music.
J - Jacket for stage, to make the whole band look smart on the contest stage
K - Kettle – to make tea with if the urn breaks down. Having a cuppa is a tradition in brass bands.
L - “Legend” by Peter Robers. To show how high a soprano cornet can go!
M - Manuscript - to rewrite non-copyrighted scores so that the players can understand the rhythms.
N - Notice board where important information is communicated in the bandroom
O - Owen Farr – to teach the budding tenor horn player to triple tongue!
P - Plastic Wallet - to keep music pristine.
Q - “Quando Quando” - something every library should have!
R - Roger Thorne – Great Composer/Arranger and arranger of the infamous: Zulu
S - Straight Mute - for anything by Goff Richards :!:
T - Tea, to quench the players’ thirst – it’s hard work playing a brass instrument.
U - Uniform Case – to make sure that those expensive uniforms don’t get messed up.
V - Valve oil - to lubricate sticky valves
W - Water - great to quench thirst, and to regain 'lip'.
X - Xylophone - great percussion instrument
Y - Yesterday, brilliant piece showing that brass bands can do pop.
Z - Zelda


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A - “Acid Brass” CD, showing that brass bands can venture out into other genres. :wink:
B - Bow Tie - to look extremely smart 8)
C - Cornet Stand - to show how lazy cornetters can be (Craig 8) :wink: )
D - Drum Sticks - to help the percussion section play.
E - Euphonium- incredibly vital and the best instrument! :D
F - First Aid Kit, just in case one of the quintet members decide to barge into a door like our own HBB! :wink:
G - Galas - back bone of summer earners for brass bands
H - Hi-Hat stand – to enable the budding tMP percussionists to use the hi-hat properly.
I - Internet- the method of getting onto the greatest brass band forum- the Mouthpiece.com! :wink:
J - Jugs – to put the milk in at Tea Time :roll:
K - Kenneth Downie – Composer of such great test Pieces as Purcell Variations and St. Magnus Variations
L - Librarian- useful for keeping music catalogued :wink:
M - Medals, won at a the local solo contest.
N - National Finals Ticket- memorabilia of the biggest brass band contest of the year!
O - Øystein Baadsvik – Very good Tuba Soloist
P - Pencil- vital for marking things on parts! :wink:
Q - "QUE SI, QUE NO", a must have piece! :lol:
R - Rainstick. Great for those atmospheric moments in your programme :p
S - Sibelius Music Programme, a must have for composing and arranging
T - Trophy – a Prize Possession showing your contest winnings :D
U - Umbrella – to keep the rain off the music when playing outside. Also helps keep the new instruments looking new-ish. :roll:
V - “Vitae Lux – The Light of Life” Cassette. One of the best brass bands at their best.
W - Whit Friday March Contest Programme from Lees, The Whit Friday Marches being a Mecca for Brass Banders.
X - Xylophonia - Xylophone Solo
Y - YBS to play with the quintet at the tMP Summer Gala :wink:
Z - Zeibekikos- from the Euphonium Concerto by Philip Wilby"


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A - Anorak – to keep the quintet members dry if it starts to rain when they’re marching
B - British Bandsman, for useful advice.
C - Cork for instrumental repairs
D - Duster, to keep the instruments clean and also to make them play quiet the easy way!
E - Echo Cornet – Great for Alpine Echoes.
F - Frills – the essential item to any band uniform.
G - Gig Bag – so the instruments can be carried easier
H - Harry Mortimer –Legend, Full Stop.
I - Insurance Document – to make sure that in the worst case scenario, you can buy a new instrument.
J - John McCabe, prolific brass composer, creating a very new style of test piece.
K - Key Chart – to help them master the fingering
L - Lyre - essential for the march ...
M - Music Stand - essential for the concert/rehearsal...
N - NYBBGB - The Cream of the banding world's youth, showing some of the mature band how it's done
O - Office Stationary for the band committee
P - Practise Mute so they can practice without upsetting the others
Q - "Quintet for Brass", a great little quintet composition
R - Rubber for rubbing out pencil marks on contest music
S - Silent Brass System, to stop annoying your neighbours when you practice at home
T - Tenor Horn – the best instrument after the cornet
U - "UNCHAINED MELODY" the ultimate tearjerker at your concert
V - Valve Cleaning Brush – to keep the valves in tip top condition.
W - “Wow Wow” Mute, great for entertaining kids...
X - Xerox photocopying machine, to copy uncopyrighted music for everyone when they become a “10-piece”
Y - “Your Favourite Classics” by Desford Colliery Dowty. To show that Brass Bands can entertain.
Z - Zulu – the Battle of Rouke’s Drift, a piece no band should be without.

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A - Alcohol :guiness :guiness to celebrate a victory, or to drown a loss
B - Bandstand - beautifully crafted old fashioned playing platform in parks
C - Coffee, for those who would prefer Coffee at ‘Tea Time’
D - “Diamond Heritage” CD, to prepare them for the up and coming National Finals
E - Eb Bass – where the principal of the tuba section sits. Regularly shifting between bass and melodic parts.
F - “Friends” by Stan Lippeatt – so they can listen to music in the break
G - Grade Certificate – to show how good a player is.
H - “How to Run your Band’s Business” Book – to help the tMP Brass Quintet
I - Iwan Williams, a great Flugal Horn soloist
J - Just Music Catalogue – in case the quintet need a piece of music Roger hasn’t got!
K - Key Ring – with the tMP Logo, so you can market your concerts.
L - Lip Balm, to keep the lips moist after a long day’s practise.
M - Mouthpiece – can’t play without one.
N - “Night At The Opera” DVD, showing your principle cornet how good he should be by the end of the course.
O - Ordinance Survey Maps, so players can find their way to band jobs/gigs.
P - Pegs – handy for outside jobs if the music’s likely to get blown away.
Q - Quaver Charm Bracelet (https://sslrelay.com/musicalgift.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=159)
R - “Reflected in Brass” – to show any prospective percussionist what standard they should be up to.
S - Sugar, for those who prefer their beverages sweet at Tea Time
T - Trade stands - those who come to sell their wares at band contests
U - Urn – to boil water and make the all important tea for the thirsty banders at half time.
V - Vinter, Gilbert. Brilliant Composer
W - Watch, for the conductor, to make sure that the rehersals start and end at the right time.
X - Xylocutions – Xylophone Solo
Y - Y.M.C.A – Cheese at it’s height. A must for any concert programme that tMP Quintet put on.
Z - Zambesi, a must for any band library.


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a - Area Contest programme, memoire of that good result!
b - Baton, for the conductor to help portray the beat to the players
c - Chairs, for the band room, and for people to sit on at the concert.
d -Diary – to keep track of when the quintet could be booked, and when they’re busy.
e - Expanding A – Z Folder, to file away correspondance, invoices, letters etc.
f - Fireworks - for the end of the 1812 Overture
g - Glockenspiel, great for Harry Potter...
h - Highighter, to make those important parts of the music stand out.
i - Index Cards, to help them find their music in the library.
j - Jumper with band logo on, cheaper that jackets for the fast growing kids in the junior band
k - Katrina Marzella – Up and most definitely coming Baritone soloist. Very talented lady.
l - "Listen to the Band". Great radio two programme highlighing brass bands
m - Metronome – to make sure the tMP Quintet plays at the right speed!
n - Nick Childs, to help Roger with tutoring
o - “On A Mission.” CD. The salvation army is the back bone behind brass bands. This CD demonstrating the sheer brilliance of these SA Members.
p - Polish, to make sure that the instruments are looking at their best at their engagements.
q - Quincy Theme Music, for that Cheesy moment in the tMP Summer Gala Concert
r - Raffle Tickets – The vital fundraising element for any concert/engagement.
s - Slide Grease, to help the poor old trombones slide to move
t - Tuning Machine, to check everyone’s tuning.
u - UN VIE DE MATELOT, a library's not complete without this piece!
v - Vibraphone to play those nice tuned percussion solos
w - Walking out Jackets – to keep the stage jackets clean whilst you munch on a hot dog during the interval.
x - Xylophone Necklace (http://www.niceelectronics.com/Electronics/discr39430.htm)
y - Year Planner, to make it obvious who is on holiday, therefore the secretary knows not to take on an engagement.
z - Zorba the Greek, a must for the library
BB can now reveal the result of the a-z task.

Housemates were required to post their answers within this thread by 10pm last night.

However, one housemate was unable to do this. BB kindly agreed to allow the other housemates to submit an answer on his behalf.

Also, the rules of the task clearly stated:
Each item must have a link to brass banding – and this link must be clearly described when naming each item.
It can clearly be seen in the very first answer given by homicidalbennyboy, that the last item, 'Zelda', has no description next to it. This item could therefore, technically, be anything. BB believes that there is even a computer game called 'Zelda'. Was hbb referring to this? Remember, we are dealing with string performers here - not the brightest bunch of people in the world!

So, on to the result!
BB has decided, that although there was one minor mishap by hbb; because he in particular put so much effort into completing the task, this error will be overlooked.

Therefore, and don't all fall down at once, the shock might be a bit overwhelming, but the housemates have passed the latest task.

Your reward is a party!

Here are some items for you to enjoy:


Housemates are allowed the use of the above items till 12pm tomorrow. Please open a new 'Party' thread in the BB Forum to describe the events of your party/barbecue.

BB will be sending someone in to the house later today to pick up the suitcases for 5 lucky string players!




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Hey folks!! I'm here to pick up the cases!

Let me have a look whats inside them!

*empties all 5 cases all over the floor*

Wow! cheers guys.... could you help me pack these all again please thankyou!....While I have a look around the house :D

2nd man down

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:shock: :evil: WHAT TH....*thinks...this is a trick to see how we all react!*

Of course I will…so lovely to have you in here with us. What do you think of our house? Lovely isn’t it??


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Oh thankyou kind man

Pleased to meet you!

Yes your house is very nice!

BB, I don't want to leave :cry:

2nd man down

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you never know, if you ask nicely they might let you!

Have a quick go of the bounce castle while you're here, it's wicked!!!

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