Wedding Music

Matt Henry

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We walked in to Hornpipe from Watermusic and out to La Rejouissance...both sounded awesome in a church but especially La Rejouissance.

We also had loads of incidental music but the favourites were La Traviata, Forgotten Dreams, Share my Yolk, Irish Blessing and Romance from the Gadfly. All sounded brilliant...


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I know that you would not want to take all the attention away from the happy couple, but if the newly signed Soprano is there it would be a shame to let the occasion pass without a solo spot!

steve butler

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A quick thanks again for all the suggestions, just to let you know whats been decided on....

Walking in to Pachabels Canon
Out to Handels Rejouissance
My love is like a red red rose for signing of register
Incidental music from the bands current repertoire to be decided on the day (or at the club concert week before) hopefully to include I'll walk with god, as it will sound fab in church.

I bet the band will have a good old laugh when this soft old git blubs like a baby in church :oops:


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Steve, in our experience you usually need two pieces for register signing as, with all the photos etc, it usually takes longer than one piece. . . or be prepared to fill with something you can wind up as and when. . .


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If you haven't decided yet what music for your son and Daughter in law to be - to walk down the aisle to... my wife and I had Serenade by Bourgios - fun it was too.

Just a thought... ;)

Matt Henry

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Walking in - Hornpipe from Watermusic
Walking out - La Rejouissance

Then we had loads of others while peoplw arrived & during the signing of the register:
Share my Yolk
Amazing Grace by William Himes
La Traviata
Romance from Gadfly
Forgotten Dreams
Irish Blessing

All went down very well, just wish I had a recording of it all!

Mrs Fruity

I had (first time!) the Rondo from Abdelazar to come in, Mr Martin Humphrey's crazy arrangement of the Mendelssohn Wedding march to go out, and A Brown Bird Singing and One Hand One Heart for the register signing. It was very emotional, so if you're in the least bit soppy, steel yourself for YOUR band playing emotional things!!! I wasn't there beforehand (obviously) but I think we had Rusalka's song to the moon and the Gadfly etc.

steve butler

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Thanks for the tip Garry, I'll make sure the band have something suitable too hand just in case.

I'll be going to the bands club concert the week before the wedding so will choose some pieces for before the service then, the bride is leaving that to me as she won't have arrived yet - though not too far away I hope ;)


There's a lovely euphonium solo, aptly named "The Wedding". That would be good for the signing of the register.
Our euph player played it as his wife walked down the aisle, during their renewal of vows service.
Hi all, long time no see and all that.
I'm looking for ideas for wedding music for my sons wedding next April.
My good friends Kippax Band will be playing, need suggestions for pieces to walk down the isle to (before and after as it were) and maybe bits during service.
Would have liked Elsas procession but we used that for a family funeral last year so it would induce even more tears than the ones expected :cry:

All suggestions serious and otherwise will be gratefully accepted :D
Have you heard of March Pontifical? I have done an arrangement for the Brass Band, could send you an mp3 file to listen to. have lots of other pieces done, will put items on a cd for you to listen to if required. All legal and professionally done.

steve butler

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Thanks very much for the offer - and others for ideas, but I fear you may have missed my recent post saying the music has been decided on.