Wedding Dress for Sale - Divorce Forces Sale! (Ebay)


Check out this link to Ebay. A guy found his wife's wedding dress in the attic after they got divorced. He was going to have a dress burning party but then decided to sell it on Ebay. Strangely it cost $1200 and the closing bid on the auction was $3850 :shock:

It is worth taking a look just because the text and pictures are so funny!


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Must be doing the rounds - saw the same article on a different forum earlier today. Funny as hell though! That guy is never a size 12, not even in the States where a 12 is the equivalent of a 16 here.

Personally I don't think he's got the hips for that dress, or the bosom. :)


Very funny that was. Remins me a little about that advert on TV with them tow blok.....wome....or are they blokes?! :roll:


I reckon he definately deserved the $2600 profit he made just for being so funny. I wonder who the crazy bidder was who paid well over the odds for the dress though!


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theres only one way to describe the lady in red lamp.... tragic.

and the trumpet playing chicken? every band should have one........

and the dude in the stripey leotard thing... almost as bad as the tron dude (see other thread).................

how the heck do u people find these things?


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