Wedding Congratulations


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Although it has been referred to elsewhere, I'm sure you would want us to start a separate thread to wish timbone and ju33les all the best for their wedding tomorrow.

Hope you have a great day and a happy future together :!: :lol: :D


Congratulations to the both of you. Hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow and a wonderful life together.

Cheers, Greg.


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we could always be international and have baguettes, naans and pittas in their honour...

anyway, back to the congratulations people!!


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Hey, good luck to both of ya and have a great day. If you get the chance, please send a photo/pic and I'll host it here for you...:)


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congratulations - I believe its another top bandsmans wedding on friday so congratulations to those too - hope all of you have fantastic days.

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here comes the bride...dum dum de dooo......stepped on a....

oh sorry...daydreaming again! All the best for tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after......well you get the drift!!

May you never get sick of each other's faces.
May you never fight over the toilet seat.
May your kids only possess each other's better qualities :roll:
May your wedding video have the safety tab broken on it immediately!


May the honeymoon be no more nor less blissful than the rest of the marriage. Interpret that any way I suppose!!

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Many congrats and good luck for the big day...

You'll be fine as long as you both remember the one golden rule
"Always tell each other everything you think the other can possibly find out!"

Oh yeah, and Bette Midler once said "Don't go to bed mad..stay up and fight!"

Good luck and many years of wedded bliss to you both.

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