Wed 11th Feb 2004 6pm BBC2

Euph-Bari said:
i thaught you were the traitor lol :p :lol:

Oh how could you - I'm so honest! Remember I was the one who said i didn't think you looked like Micheal Owen! I have to say i wouldn've liked to be the traitor but would've played the game differently if I had been.


Well, as it is now 10.15pm and I have never seen the show - I am completely lost now! :oops:

But anyway, well done for having the bottle to go on Kari!


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Great show, although the guess work was totally pants (especially after you left!) and I was convinced the maths geek was a traitor...... I honestly didn't think anyone could really be that much of a plonker?! I guessed Poorva really early tho - she twitched when people mentioned graves, and she was no beauty queen!

Would love to have a crack at something like that (especially as one of the traitors :twisted: ) How did you get on to it?
Well Accidental, many years ago i did Blankety Blank and Wipeout and since then I keep getting approached. If the researchers/producers like you and think you look good on TV and will keep people watching they'll keep asking you. As I've now done: Blankety Blank, Wipeout, Central Weekend Live, Traitor, Kilroy, The Salon and a breastfeeding video with Lowri Turner I must have what it is they desire. I've actually turned a couple of shows down as it involved the whole family and it's not really their cup of tea.

I believe there is a web site (don't know what it's called) that advertises opportunities for contestants.

Jo Elson

It was really wierd, my brother turned over the tele and there you were. I was gonna text you to see if you knew but i realised i'd lost my phone-d'oh.


It looked fun!
I was watching it whilst doing my radio show, so couldn't have the sound on whilst I was talking, which always seemed to be when people were voted out! :? And they didn't have subtitling either :evil:
Looked good fun tho!!!

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