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Advice Required.


I am in the process of rebuilding the band's website. It is currently sat on an ISP's freespace but I want to move it to one of the many web hosting services available.

Questions :-

1, Any *beep* hosts that I should avoid?
2, Any particularly good ones?
3, Anything inparticular I need to look for? ( At present it will just be a basic site - Don't think I'll need SSL or databases etc)
4, Anyone heard of 4UHosting ? the prices/content seems ok

Thank you in advance :lol:


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Check out Plugsocket prices are very reasonable and service is top quality. You even get most of the backend nice stuff e.g. PHP, MySQL, asp etc with the basic starter package. You say you won't need them but there will come a time in the future when you want to do something which can only be acheived using this sort of technology so better to get it from the outset than have to add it later at extra cost.


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... but using one of the new tMP Hosting services soon to be announced not only would you have a good value service, you would also be supporting and contributing towards one of your favorite brass websites...:)

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