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James McFadyen

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Web vists have more than doubled this year so far at Devilish Publishing. And although, we have always had a very high visit rate (for being a small music publishing company) we are very eager to turn each of these visits into sales.

We have already had 125 visits and 1289 hits since 1st Janurary 2004. We have not had this many sales, though.

A lot of visits are coming from tMP and we are wondering how we can make our services even better and how can we tempt you to push the 'ADD TO CART' and 'BUY NOW' buttons when you're at our site. We want you to log on to the internet and the first site you go to is and 2004 will be about that. So, please do air your views on what extra things you'd like at the Devilish Publishing site and what might tempt you to buy the titles.

I must say one thing, though, that Scorch has been abandond by us at the momment. We have researched it's functionality and purpose and unfortunetly, we cannot justify using it for out titles to be played back and that is our final sumation. Other measures are in place, however, to allow you to listen to some music in an alternative technology (mp3 for example) We may use Scortch for occasional light use.

We would kindly ask you not to talk about the playing back of scores as we will just copy and paste the above statement.

But, please comment on all other things that may make your experence special at devilish publishing and also on what would tempt you to buy our titles.

We would also like to say at this point that some matters may arise here that are bound by company policy, like facts and figures and pricing structure. Anytime we feel that confidential info needs to stay that way, we will issue a statement given in " ". we would ask for your patience in these matters.

Anyhow, please comment........we would love to hear from our obviously dedicated web visitors! :lol:


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James McFadyen

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So far, we have had 284 Visits totaling 2378 Hits this year so far (the past 14 days!)

These good numbers are dictating another web update. As always, we are dedicated to serveing our customers and we view frequent web updating a must!!

I expect to update the site tomorrow, if you have any ideas for what you want me to update on the site or anything new you'd like to add, just say so here.

We would like to post articles for our visitors to download, any welcome, will be given full credit!

Also take advantage of our FREE Brass Band Profiles!! This has proved a very popular section since it first started last year and we anticipate our web visits to increase by 100% this year, that means over a 10,000 VISITS!!!! Making up for around 80,000 HITS!

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