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Dronfield Band is on the up.

We have recently appointed Ray White as our MD and he has had an immediate impact on the sound of the band. Recent concerts have been a real success as all who played and watched will agree. In the past Ray has had a lot of success taking 4th Section bands with potential up a couple of sections, and quickly.

However, we need a few more players to complete the line up. The main seats are on cornet, especially front row as we are currently relying on a number of students. Principal may be on offer if you're worthy of it!!

We are also looking for trombonists, 2nd and Bass (again solo may be on offer if you can convince me to move seats!!), we need full time players as one of our two trombonists is currently playing in the 2nd section.

As with most bands, we could also do with another couple of percussionists.

We are a very friendly and socialable band, with a good atmosphere, good quality instruments and excellent rehearsal facilities. We also have an ever improving training band, which has been in existence for about 18 months.

So if you are hungry for contest success over the next year (we are playing at Pontins and Wychavon plus more maybe) and want a place at next years Nationals, get in touch. We will be going!! :lol:

Hope to hear from you.

tim.benson@dronfieldband.co.uk or website below.


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I totally agree!! Come and join us!!

If you're nice i'll buy you a drink!!

What's wrong with students??? (Aprt from the fact we go home home for the summer!)


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We have a concert on Friday 16th of May at Coal Aston Village Hall for anybody who wants to check us out (or just to listen). Bet you won't get a drink from geordie colin though!


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Is Ray White still living in Nuneaton? I'm not sure exactly where Dronfield is, but I've got it mentally posiioned somewhere up towards the High Peak. That must be about as much of a hike for him as it was conducting Wantage.



yes ray is still in nuneaton. dronfield is just south of sheffield, about 70 miles each way twice a week. Quite a commitment. but he is certainly making an impression.

Catch us at Wychavon, Pontins and possible Leamington Spa.

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