We are not Dead!! Croydon Brass lives on


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I have heard the rumour now from two seperate sources that Croydon Brass Band has folded. I want to assure everyone that these reports are not only exagerated, but also far too early. We are still rehearsing at Thornton Heath every Monday, with an old friend of the Band (me) conducting.

We have a few concerts in the diary and are already starting to plan the celebrations of our centenury next year, it would be realy nice to get in contact with as many ex players and MDs as possible so we can have a very special celebration of this great achievment.

Here's looking ofrward to the next 100 years
Know exactly how you feel! We have had the same said about us here at Torbay - couple of times it was said to members at the recent areas. Yes we have had a tough time of late, we never thought we would make the areas due to lack of players. Does not help when you lose principals to other bands - I still call it poaching others say it is people's choice. Who starts these rumours anyway?

Tell your guys we here at Torbay wish you all the best for the future and hope you go from strength to strength.

David Wilkinson