Water from top of Euphonium 4th Valve ... HELP.

Jon Mills

New Member
Hi all.

I recently purchased a 1989 Besson Sovereign Euphonium. It's in great condition, but the 4th valve constantly leaks water from the top (around the stem) whenever I lay down the instrument on it's side. I know it has a direct correlation to needing to empty the main water key but I've never seen water leak like this before - it's literally constant. This is also causing the felt a the top of the valve to be saturated so the valve clangs like crazy when released.

Could it be that I need to use thicker valve oil, or is it something simple (or far more sinister) that I've just not thought of.

Any advice appreciated.

Maurice Wright

New Member
This is a compensating instrument and the 4th valve tubing goes back into the 1st valve, there is a tuning slide on this tube that does not have a water key. If water condenses in this tube it will flow back into the 4th valve when you lay it down. I find that I have to regularly remove this slide and empty it as well as using the other water keys.
It also sounds as if you need to replace the felt on top of the 4th valve.
Hope this helps.