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Right, I'm off to Warwick Uni in October, to get back to all that education and stuff... :? Anyway, I'm planning to join the band there, and probably any other musical ensemble that will take me (no, my trombone doesn't take up my whole life... I sleep sometimes...) so I was wondering if anyone here had anything to do with the university, or the band, or anything else, and could tell me something about it... I've read all the "Come join us, we're lovely" stuff on the website, but something a bit more realistic would be nice! Thanks!!! :D

Roger Thorne

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Contact David Sait. He's a member on tMP and plays with the Warwick Band.

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Cheers Roger.

Yes! Hi there! I'm currently flugel with the University of Warwick Brass Band and I'd be delighted to chat to you about it and music at Warwick in general. I'll drop you a PM with my contact details.
I saw Warwick Uni Band at Whit Friday a couple of years ago - they were certainly the most entertaining band on show! The fact that they could hardly walk or play note didn't stop them trying. The amount of drink consumed meant that several of the front row had ago at the cornet solo - all failed and the bass section (between boughts of laughter, and swiging thier pints) were having a pedal note competition!

Sounds OK to me . . . .


Thanks Mike!

Delph last year was good as well. Our rep. player fell asleep in the ring, our conductor had to go home and was replaced by a random flautist who was tagging along, and even though it was our last village having consumed much pintage, we came out with our best result of the day!

We enjoy being varied on the road march as well. Last year was 'Do the Hustle!' and the year before a well known Monty Python song. Who knows what it'll be this year!!!


lynchie said:
I've read all the "Come join us, we're lovely" stuff on the website, but something a bit more realistic would be nice!

Our Principal Cornet has just read this and would like to point out that we're not only lovely, but gorgeous as well.


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You'll love it - the atmosphere is always great, and the emphasis is always on having fun (whilst making good music, I should add...)

Mike - Whit Friday 2002 - think I was playing Bass Trom. So that was what inspired you to turn your attention to the instrument! :lol:

Principal Euph, Warwick Uni band, 1997-2000


I'm looking forward to going to Whit Friday with the University band this year, it'll be my first Whit Friday. It's also the day after my birthday, double celebration! Lots of beerage... I'll probably carry on the tradition of rep players by falling asleep, I have a habit of doing that.


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What happened about the area, was expecting to see the uni band in our section but dont remember you being there. Just curious.


No, as mentioned in a previous thread, we weren't at the area this year as the committee forgot to enter us. D'Oh. Thats what happens when you have a committee which changes every year. Sad particularlily 'cos I think the 2nd section test piece this year is really good, and I was looking forward to playing it.
Oh well, it means we got three weeks of playing cheese and random stuff, which from our point of view was far more enjoyable as the pressure wasn't on, particularly after we'd just done our major concert for the term. Also, the money we saved not booking a coach and rehearsal venue etc. went behind the bar at the end of term social!

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