So I've been playing Euphonium for 3 years and play it in most of my high school bands and my wind orchestra outside of school. I now double on trombone to play for my school's jazz band. Currently I'm having trouble in producing a nice tone. When I record myself, the trombone sounds like a Euphonium and I don't think my air is supported enough. Does anyone have tips on how to produce a nice, sweet, and warm tone on trombone???


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Without seeing you play, we can't know what specifics are going on, but as a general observation, narrower faster air for the less conical trombone vs wider slower air for the more conical euphonium makes a big difference. Then there are shades of trombone size - as they get smaller in bore, the more this applies; a King 2B plays very differently to a Bach 42B. For jazz, the appropriate sounds and high register nimbleness tend to come with smaller models - what are you playing on, and with which mouthpiece size?

I would suggest speaking to a trombone teacher who can give you some lessons - transferring euphonium players not knowing how to make a trombony noise is a relatively common situation.


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Agreed! But also, don't be put off, there are some excellent players who can swap freely between the two and make world-class sounds on each.
IMHO "nice" tone on a trombone is all about sensing (and playing to) the response characteristics of your instrument, across the range of pitch & dynamics.
No better way to develop that sense than long notes.
I've heard respected trombonists (not specifically brass band players) say that they spent ages listening to the greats and trying to emulate their sound.
Couldn't quite go along with that myself. For me it wasn't a conscious thing, more about the relationship with the instrument. I'd also say it varies quite a lot from bone to bone.
Just my 2p. Stick in and good luck with it. You'll get there.

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