Sold/Expired WANTED - Wick 4C Gold Cor Mpc


Never heard of a Wick 4c for cornet.

Saying that, I do have a Wick 1c for cornet. Haven't seen any others than the one I have.

Trevada Music have odd cornet mouthpieces stored away in weird places. Give them a try.



If you have a silver old knackerd one sendit to alerick knight in sheffield. It will come back Gold, Silver or both and will look better than brand new!! He really is awsome I send all my gob irons to him. I havent bought a new one for 5 years. Just find an old one and send it up!! If you want his number let me know. Hes also a gent!! And very reasonable prices. Under 20 for a crnt!!! :D

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