Sold/Expired WANTED: Tenor Trom Gig-Bag. Also Tenor Trom!


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Due to untimely death of my old one (not due to my abuse at all :oops: ) I am in the market for a new gig bag for my Conn.

This will ideally be: STRONG, not plastered with stickers, fairly smart and possibly leather.
I would also consider a hard case with pockets for music etc., kind of like the ones Mick Rath hands out with new bones.

But just let me know if you have anything at all to offer!

Also! Looking to retire my Conn 88H. Has a few small dents and some rubbed-off laquer, but is absolutely perfect to play and has no problems at all - I serviced it myself at Rath's when I was working there after Christmas. Has hard case and unused mouthpiece, and will add scruffy (but works perfect) leather gig bag if required.
Reason for sale: fancy a change. Willing to give a potential buyer a trial period. Price will reflect condition and market price (new = c.£1250 at the mo I believe). Would suit a student off to music college perfectly - did me proud in my BMus!

Prepared to swap for a trombone of equal/better quality! Must be large bore, other than that open minded (will add a few quid if neccessary).

I'll keep post notification on, so all replies will be answered swiftly, promise!


Have a look at my posting called "Trombone Trade" in this same section. I am looking to swap a Yamaha tenor (straight and Bb/F configurations) for a Conn 88H. Contact details are on the posting if you are interested.



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Sorry everyone - managed to thoroughly break my trom last night! :cry: So trading is off for a bit. If the insurance pays off, I'm gonna get me a Rath :lol:

But I know someone else looking to get rid of a Conn 88H, if anyone wants it, let me know and I'll send contact details. Thanks!


Mark, my BAM case is for sale at a reasonable price cuz got my rath last week! will be back huds at weekend if ya want it!!!

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