Sold/Expired Wanted: Tenor Horn

A new member of our band has placed an order for a new Besson Tenor Horn that costs $2000 USD, but he would like to find a good used tenor horn for less than that amount.

Any suggestions?


I'm thinking they don't exist. Depends on what is meant by good, if we're talking about a used Sov or Maestro, I'm convinced no one in the world sells theirs once they buy one. I've been looking all over the internet for over a year and have only found one used sov whose price was so close to new there wasn't much point in pursuing it. If they're looking for an intermediate horn, there are a few around on the net, problem (for me) is I really don't know much about the differences of these horns one to another (the Besson Int'l, B & H 400, Yam 202, 203.) These are fairly regularly available at various sources online. If anyone has opinions about the relative merits of these intermediate horns I'd like to here them. I'm currently playing a 202 the band owns, looking to buy a Maestro (It's a Yam section, the only reason I'm leaning toward Yam over besson.) but in the absence of being able to afford a new one, are there any "pretty good" intermediate horns in the lot worth looking at used until I can get there or am I better with what I have for now and save up for the real thing?

Does he/she just need something immediately until their sov comes in? I might be able to arrange a loan of an older 202. PM me (or have them register here and PM me.) I'll be in Chicago for the open this weekend.

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