Sold/Expired Wanted: Percussion and Music for a loving home!!!

Di B


Ok - I am on the scrounge..... has anyone got any bits of percussion kit lying around that they haven't used in years that might be a bit tatty?

I have found that very young children love to make a racket at training band and can only give them a triangle from our percussion kit as it is the safest (ie non breakable!) thing to give them.

I am ideally looking for hand held kit like maracas, triangles, guiros, woodblocks, sleigh bells, tambourines etc that cost around £0.00

It doesn't matter if they are battered or dusty - I can cope with that and it will make a 5 year old girl very happy!

Also, should anyone wish to sell any training band music (maybe your band has grown out of the music or it is just collecting dust) then I would be interested in hearing from you. Am happy to pay towards this depending on the pieces, but as any band we are trying to keep costs down as much as possible. Any simplish quarter/quintet music (certainly no higher than grade 5) would also be of interest.


satchmo shaz

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Di, we have 2 tatty bass drums free to a good home! one needs a replacement skin (only the middle bit! :lol: ) but you can have em. (we might have one or 2 other bits like a cymbal etc, will have to check)

cheers shaz x

Di B

Bass Drums? She will be able to play it from inside! lol! :eek:

How big are they if you don't mind me asking? Will certainly give you a bell about them *after* I've been to Pontins if that ok! :guiness :guiness :guiness

Speak to you soon!

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