Sold/Expired Wanted - disposatone

I'm a percussion player and interested in taking up a brass instrument, but want to join a brass ensemble that won't clash with my brass banding.

One of my friends mentioned that a disposatone might be a good place to start and it sounds like an interesting instrument, but i'm having problems finding a supplier. Does anyone have one that i could buy or know who might have one to sell?

Any advice would be much appreciated :)



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Speak to Richard Robinson ( plays for Alliance ) i sold him one last year , and believe its still working well even with the few extra dents it has aquired
After much searching for a 'disposatone' i have discovered that there is in fact no such instrument, as no doubt many of you had realised!

It was in fact a cruel April fools prank. My mate thought it was hilarious when i told him i only found out it was a joke more than 3 weeks later!! :!:

Much to my embarassment i only found out when i went into a music shop on tuesday and enquired where i might obtain a 'disposatone'. The shop assistant proceeded to laugh in my face and even called her colleague to join in her mirth, before explaining that there is no such thing and i might like to take up the cornet instead.

I am ever so slightly humiliated..... :oops:

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