Sold/Expired WANTED!! cheap cornet mouth pieces for training band

satchmo shaz

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help! my training band has 2 or 3 cornets but no mouthpieces! :cry: can you help? any make,age and condition considered :wink: I keep trying ebay but they are still a bit expensive :cry:
The training band also needs any type of mutes, even with the corks off! we will mend them!

thanks Sharon (MD Long Eaton Silver Prize Band and the training band!)


cheap mouthpieces.

I sent you an email , or at least I tried to. I have been having difficulty getting mail in and out. Anyway just in case it didn't get through. I have a benge 3, simlar to a Vincent Bach 7c. in good condition you have for a fiver.let me know. :D

Chris Kirk


I'll have a look in our band room and give you a call.

See you at half term. Do fancy coming down to Stevenage this year?


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