Wanted - Brass Teacher (Buxton, Derbys. area)

Jack E

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For the last three or four months, I've been trying to find a brass teacher within reasonable travelling distance of Buxton - but which won't involve going into the insane rat race of the main roads into Manchester. I've tried several sites which have the contact details for brass teachers, sent off a number of enquiries, and none of them have even had the courtesy to reply.
At present, I would say my standard on baritone is at 'reasonably competent training band' level, and I think that I could go a fair bit further with practise and a good tutor. That was certainly the case when I was having regular one-to-one lessons the year before last - but unfortunately the tutor in question just went off the radar without warning, and never responded to my attempts to contact him.
Any direct contact from tutors, or suggestions from other people, would be most welcome.
Thank you,