Want to know your star wars name?


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Marst Brlei - Definitely prefer Bruno Bradley so will give star wars a miss in favour of an adult movie career.


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JessopSmythe said:
I guess that makes me

Halpi Gashr

Try saying that, drunk :)

Which makes me the alien formerly known as Halre Gashr, and now Winre Gashr...
Have you very little to do at the moment Tim? Have you thought about joining a club or group somewhere to take you out of yourself? How about a band? :twisted:
Dave Payn said:
And anyone by the name of Sylvia Pistone will be in trouble with their first name...


While searching for a suitable Gite in the Rouen area, earlier this year, we were presented with one in a tiny French village called Pissy Poville :lol:

My Star Wars name is Watja Rogos :!:



Ok, I should know this already, seeing as I've been a Jedi Knight since the last concensus took place.

My name is Belma Simsto :twisted:

And may the force be with you my son!!